How much money could these tiny pieces of cardboard earn you?

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Pokemon trading cards are well known all around the globe. These are the little pieces of paper many of us carried while running around the playground so many years ago. What if I told you that many of these cards can fetch astronomically high prices today? Many of these cards and sealed products are being sold for thousands of dollars at various auction houses every day. And like with any coveted collectibles, several millionaires have been born from this children’s card game.

In this article, I address the feasibility…

In this article, I touch upon three bad habits that are your productivity and how you can improve to reach your goals in 2021.

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In the 1970s, economist Arthur Melvin Okun came up with a little something called the Leaky Bucket Theory [1]. Okun devised this theory to highlight the fact that the redistribution of resources is subject to efficiency and transfer costs. In other words, when passing the “bucket” with tax money from a wealthy to someone with fewer resources, a large share of the money is already lost along the way. The losses could run as high…

In this article, I compiled the five most influential principles of Dale Carnegie’s and how you can use them to get ahead in life [1].

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Dale Carnegie’s wisdom has served as the stepping stone to greatness for several of the most successful people in the world. In the HBO documentary the Berkshire Hattaway Chairman praises the Carnegie courses saying “If I wouldn’t have done that, my whole life would have been different” [2].

Buffett goes on to say that Carnegie’s course cured his stage fright and that, until this day…

We Should Start Looking For A Good Fit, Rather Than A High Rank.

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The Ivy League, contrary to what many might think, was initially a collegiate sports association comprising of 8 private universities in the northeastern United States. In the last few decades, the demand for Ivy League University admissions has exploded. While Ivy League students do enjoy a certain air of prestige and a well-developed alumni network, I believe that the obsession with these schools is unwarranted.

1) Choose your university depending on what you want to do.

The member universities of the Ivy League are often praised for being academically unrivaled. However, is this still true today? There are several lesser-known universities that certainly rival the likes of Harvard and Princeton in…

Being productive does not start at your desk. It starts with the way you manage your time and the habits you create.

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The power of creating habits.

If there is one thing you want to remember from this guide, it should be this. Whether you want to start studying more, learn to play the piano, or go for morning runs, you have to start by making these tasks as routine as brushing your teeth. The first weeks, it will not be a simple task to open up your math book and solve equations at five in the morning. But if you persevere, it will eventually become second nature. …

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With an acceptance rate of 8.9% and a global top 2 ranking for social sciences, the application process for LSE was extremely competitive [1]. These are the things I wish someone would have told me when I was applying. Use them wisely.

1) Be careful who you ask for a recommendation letter.

It is not uncommon for students to cruise through their last years of high school or undergraduate without creating a with a teacher.

The short-term solution will then often…

Adam Rybko

MSc Development Economics @ LSE. I’m a high-achieving graduate student who writes about productivity, university admissions, and financially smart collecting.

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